A word from us

Nagas Innovation is a manufacturer of natural gas and propane heating modules for the HVAC industry specialized in providing custom-tailored solutions to businesses serving the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.

In the fast-changing world of gas heating, demand is growing for energy efficient systems capable of providing the high level of comfort and precision that today’s consumer has come to expect. That’s why we founded Nagas Innovation. Building on many years of experience in the industry, we set out to create a company capable of serving this evolving market with innovation-driven technology and customizable products designed for a wide variety of applications in the gas heating market.

Taking its name from the legendary nagas of Southeast Asia—the dragon-like guardians of Earth’s treasures—Nagas Innovation provides scalable solutions to the challenges that other suppliers are unable or unwilling to tackle. This is what sets us apart. Ingenuity, experience, and innovations like our intelligent patented multistage modulation technology are the reasons we believe that nothing is “impossible.” In fact, we thrive on providing our customers with the right tool for the job at hand.

With Nagas Innovation, you’ll enjoy first-rate service as you deal with people who really know how to listen to your needs. Whatever your requirements—from light-duty commercial applications to heavy-duty applications in punishing industrial environments—we have the expertise and the products to deliver the performance and quality you demand.

Ask us, “How custom can you make it?” and we’ll answer, “How custom do you need it?” No other company in the gas heater field offers such a comprehensive range of customizable products. Our specialists will be happy to work with you and help ensure you get the very best solution for your needs.

Nagas Innovation, the name for legendary performance.