Sample projects

The Magnan Tavern

A Montreal landmark, a state-of-the-art heating system

The Magnan Tavern is a Montreal landmark. Founded in 1932, it is located on the shores of the Lachine Canal in a former industrial neighborhood now home to condos, lofts, and urban parkland. The restaurant’s clientele has also changed with the times, and in order to serve today’s more demanding diners better, tavern management needed to upgrade the heating system.

The challenge

During Montreal’s harsh winters, constant in-and-out traffic during lunch and dinner periods can make it well nigh impossible to maintain constant temperatures in a busy dining room. The challenge was to achieve stability and improve diner comfort without completely replacing the HVAC system in place or tearing up the interior to inconvenience customers during the project.

The solution

Working with the gas contractor, we came up with a solution: rooftop installation of two TU-TW gas-fired serpentine coil heaters in the existing HVAC system. One of the units featured a four-pass design, the other a two-pass configuration, but both were equipped with our patented multistage modulation control technology. This multistage modulation system sequentially controls individual venturi injection gas burners to ensure that heat exchangers never fire at less than 40% of their capacity, preventing compensation and ensuring that combustion, lighting, flame sensing, and stability are consistently excellent.

The results

Today, whenever a door opens at the tavern in winter, the heating system incrementally adjusts to compensate for any change in temperature. The temperature stays constant, with none of the heat swings typical of intermittent start-and-stop heating system operation. As a result, significant energy savings have been achieved. But even more importantly for management, Magnan Tavern patrons have really noticed the difference!

For a closer look at our multistage modulation technology, view our video.