TU-TW Series

CTW 350 shown

TU-TW Series heaters are gas-fired serpentine heaters whose flexible, stackable design make them ideal for a wide variety of applications requiring temperature precision. Perfect for performance-oriented OEMs.




  • 2 or 4 pass tubular heat exchanger, 304L stainless steel
  • Horizontal or vertical airflow
  • Free-floating design
  • Air side enclosure
  • Mounting flange
  • Imbedded dimpled turbulators
  • PLC-driven controls


  • Turndown ratio: up to 30:1 in a single heater
  • Thermal efficiency: 80% min.
  • Energy efficiency: up to 12% more efficient than other modulating heaters
  • Variable volume: down to 50% of maximum airflow

Optional Features

  • Control enclosure for outdoor use
  • 409 HP or 316L SS tubes
  • Double-stage, multistage or improved multistage
  • Multiple stacked units for enhanced modulation and larger capacities
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Aluminum chimney
  • & more


  • OEMs
  • Commercial, industrial, or institutional
  • Low temperature process applications


alt The CTU 350’s design permits installation of stacked units and of multiple units in series to achieve high air flows and large capacities. alt

Stacked CTU 350
With outdoor enclosure

Stacked TW 250
500 MBH input

The revised multistage patented burner technology available in the TW series delivers even more turndown with its two-stage low-fire gas valve.
400 MBH unit burners offer a low fire of 20 MBH or 20:1 turndown.